Review = Holika Holika Bulgarian Rose Pearly Blossom Cream




Bulgarian ‘damask’ Rose, has been cultivated since the 16th century, it is considered to produce the finest quality essence. Holika’s Bulgarian Rose oil and Rose Water is from the Valley of Roses in the Kazanlak town and is made with the most delicate process. It provides a high-moisturizing effect and provides marvelous beauty to the skin. Bulgarian Rose is the same beauty secret that Cleopatra’s used.

 Holika Holika Pearly Blossom Cream contains 20% precious Bulgarian rose water and rose essential oil, the combination of the two, leaves the skin rejuvenated and helps retain moisture. This pearl based moisturizer creates a luminous and radiant finish all day. Your skin will have a natural glow that glistens in the sun like fresh dewy roses.



  • Smells amazing
  • Has a light and refreshing texture 
  • Does the job properly 


  • None at all !!

When i got this i was sooo excited to try it out , because i’ve been looking around for a good moisturizer , and i think i have finally found one. The smell is so amazing , but at the same time it has a very light scent. I have dry skin and this is working very nicely for me , so definitely give it a try. 

Places To Purchase

TGIWholesale Offers This Product For $22.41 This is where i bought mine , mainly because it has free shipping and theres no minimum order , its like ebay for korean cosmetics plus they sent me so many free samples i was really impressed with them(Click Here)

 KoreaDepart Offers This Product For $15.46 (Click Here)

 Sasa Offers This Product For $18.80 (Click Here)


Anyways have a wonderful day , Hugs And Kisses Xoxo



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