My Top 5 Favorite Mascaras (Western Edition)


Number 5 = YSL Volume Effect Faux Clis 


Ok So the reason this mascara is number 5 is because it’s ridiculously priced i mean is one tube of mascara worth that much ? NO !! But it’s probably one of the most amazing mascara’s every, this mascara literally changed my life, that’s not a joke i stopped wearing eye liner because this mascara. Enough rambling It’s very light weight for a mascara and it flexible but in a good way. The brush looks ordinarily but it has lots of tiny little bristles to separate your lashes and the actually formula is very creamy. Other than the price there are no faults with this mascara. 

Number 4 = Elf 3-In-1 Mascara 




The reason i love this mascara so much is because its only 3 Dollars, the price is incredible seriously!! But that’s not all this a is separating mascara its perfect for separating all your lashes !! the ball at the end really gets into the corners of your eyes, it coats every single lash. This mascara is always my base mascara the one i put on first and then i put on my second and third mascara. For the price you really cant beat it. 

Number 3 = Maybelline Mega Plush Volum’ Express 

Maybelliene makes some of the best mascara’s there so reasonably priced and they are good quality mascara’s. Almost all of them never disappoint me and the reason i really enjoy this one is because it very voluminousness it separates my lashes very nicely and doesn’t leave them looking spirdery. This is the only mascara i take with me to work because it’s quite and easy to apply and carry around with me. No makeup case should be without this mascara its an essential !!

Number 2 = L’Oreal Power Volume 24H  


 This mascara seriously makes my lashes huge, this is my secondary coat i apply to my lashes and it gives that extra length and volume my stubby little lashes need. I was very sceptical about the L’Oreal mascaras before i tryed this one they do retail for around 12 dollars and or a drugstore mascara i thought that was to much lol, but i was proved wrong i really do enjoy this mascara. It quickly became one of my favorites! Defiantly give the L’Oreal mascaras a try!!!

Number 1 = Maybelliene The Falsies Volum’ Express 



I have to say again Maybelliene makes my favorite mascara’s. Let me just say something i rarely repurchase items RARELY i have to really the product to buy it again I’m constantly trying new mascara’s and basically every makeup product. But this has become a mascara i go back to time and time again i will never grow tired of this mascara all i can say is that it works, and it works really well. As long as Maybelliene is making it I’m buying it. It’s the perfect combo of lengthening, defining, and volumeizing ! Granted  it doesn’t give you as much volume as the L’Oreal but its the perfect base and finish for you mascara. It’s a MUST HAVE mascara !!! I recommend it to everyone. 

Anyways thats all have a wonderful day , Hugs And Kisses xoxo’





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